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Founded in 1989, Re-imagined for 2018


New York, NEW YORK


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Designed in New York City and made for adventure, Yak Pak is a lifestyle brand founded in, where else, a college dorm room. Since 1989 we've been developing backpacks and other bags built to last. 

Now we are thrilled to have a brand new look.

Even the best brands need a little refresh occasionally and while we loved the old Yak Pak, it was time to crank up the dial with new features and modern updates. We've been working behind the scenes for almost a year creating a fresh new look with a signature yellow rubber bottom that you're soon to be seeing everywhere from the classroom to camp. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

While there are lots of updates, the things the make Yak Pak, Yak Pak haven't changed. In every Pak, there's still a dash of big city mixed with a dab of down home. There’s a student and a teacher, a worker and a leader. There’s a little bit of you and a little bit of me. When you look into each of our bags, you’ll find everything that makes each us unique and all of the things that unify us wrapped into one.

We’re based in New York, but we’ve been around the block (IE: the world!) a few times, so we know exactly what you’re looking for in a bag and strive to give you just that! It’s hard to believe that just two college kids turned an idea to make backpacks into a business, but here we are, two decades later!

Most recently, Yak Pak has pioneered the trend in bringing fashionable prints to backpacks and breathing life into a category that is generally known for stodgy, solid colors. We've also added a new signature textured yellow rubber bottom to protect your bag and make it last.

We like to say that you can spot a Yak Pak from a mile away and we want to keep it that way! This open-minded approach to product design has translated to a spirit of freedom and independence that resonates throughout everything we do and we hope it allows you to take a stand with your style. 



Modern Updates


A new signature yellow rubber bottom. Made of high grade rubber, think of this bottom as a shield against the slime and grime of everyday. Easy to clean and guaranteed to extend the life of your Yak Pak.


On strap phone pocket. There's nothing worse than digging around in your bag for your phone. This pocket keeps it safe (it's neoprene!) and right at hand for when you need it.


Interior padded laptop pocket. We were founded in 1989, Apple didn't even release their first laptop until 1991. So when the first Yak Pak's came out, they didn't have these. They do now!